• Mylar Seal for All Models

    Mylar Seal for All Models

    Mylar sealing tape is an important accessory for office equipment such as copiers and printers. When it comes to high-quality box sealing tape, the Copier brand stands out in the market.

    One of the great things about copier mylar sealing tape is that it is compatible with all types of office equipment. Suitable for inkjet printers, laser printers, and copiers. This makes it a versatile choice for office environments that use multiple types of equipment.

  • Seal for HP 1160

    Seal for HP 1160

    Be used in : HP 1160
    ●Factory Direct Sales
    ●Long life

    We supply Seal for HP 1160. We have advanced production lines and technical talents. After years of research and development, we have gradually established a professional production line to meet the needs and demands of customers. We sincerely look forward to becoming a long-term partner with you!